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At American Industrial Services, we are capable of providing hydro-blasting at levels up to 40,000 PSI. We can handle virtually any site specific task while providing value in both our service and process using an array of methods where needed.

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Hydroblasting is capable of cutting through the toughest manufacturing fouling, grime, and deposits. Our hydroblasting technologies can slice through the even the hardest surfaces. Our proprietary abrasives, pushed with water and extreme pressure results in one of the most powerful cleaning solutions available.

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Automated Lancing

We drive powerful air or hydraulic motors to guide a rigid high-pressure lance into tube bundles with force that is a suitable match for the job. Our automated lancing services can clean tubes up to 70% faster than using manual cleaning methods. We drive our lances at constant speed resulting in a level of cleanliness that is very uniform.

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Our sandblasting services provide your surfaces with a thorough and deep cleaning. Using our specialized equipment, we combine highly pressurized air and abrasives to blast surfaces until they are smooth and clean. Our experienced staff will match the correct abrasive to your project. Our most common abrasives include aluminum oxide, coal slag, corn cob, crushed glass, glass bead, garnet, pumice, plastic, silicon carbide, sodium bicarbonate, steel grit, steel shot, and walnut shell.

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Sponge Blasting

Our sponge blasting services remove aged or dig substrate from surfaces. Using this method, we can safely restore important items to their original state with low-dust and a minimal amount of debris. Our sponge blasting processes are eco-friendly and provide a safer working environment because of the faster staging, handling, and disposal.

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Vacuum Services

Vacuum trucks are an industrial area necessity for cleanup. We maintain a top-of-the-line vac trucks fleet for designed for both wet and dry removal. Our multi-purpose trucks are some of the most innovative and cost effective solutions available and can safely remove excavation dirt, vacuum hydro blast debris, collect sewage, wastewater, contaminated ground cover, or any number of project specific tasks.

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Dry Ice Blasting

When sensitive surfaces require complete cleaning without abrasion, our dry ice blasting services are an environmentally friendly solution. Unlike other types of blasting, dry ice blasting uses C02 pellets that will not scratch or pit surfaces. While most cleaning solvents are hazardous, CO2 pellets are not. Dry ice blasting uses compressed air and C02 that is so cold it causes any material needing removal to shrink. This loosens, then blasts it from the surface.

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Slurry Blasting

In areas where dust could damage heavy machinery, we mix abrasives with pressurized water to cleaning surface in a process called slurry blasting. Dust suppression can be especially important when other blast methods could damage a surface. Slurry blasting is our go-to solution when working in enclosed spaces or when dust could be harmful to crews. We often use slurry blasting when working near large turbines, or in settings where there is an increased emphasis on not disturbing the surrounding environment.

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Chemical Cleaning

We offer the most effective chemical cleaning services for the elimination of rust, fouling, contaminants, scaling and oil, or grease. Our cleaning machine operators are highly-trained in the removal of unwanted deposits while leaving your equipment intact. When using chemicals, we provide all necessary material documentation and utilize pre-mixed chemicals specific to your site and project for efficiency. Our chemical cleaning services can end the need to disassemble integral equipment allowing you to keep running safely.