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Our Culture

We believe the health and welfare of our employees is our moral obligation while at work. We have invested substantial resources in our training and and equipment to ensure our employees return home to their families after each shift.

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Our Vision

We strive to keep safety programs and deliver the operational performance needed to keep us pre-qualified with operators as a national third party contractor. Through continued investment in accident prevention, we are strive to minimize the types of expenses that can disrupt a workforce.

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Our Compliance

We rely on OSHA’s regulations to help us achieve our safety protocols. We view OSHA as a working partner in our safety and welcome them to our work sites. We believe by taking care of our people first compliance and business success will continue to follow with very little effort.


With decades of experience, American Industrial Services is a uniquely qualified industrial cleaning contractor.

We provide comprehensive industrial cleaning for plant operators and are successfully becoming one of the the midwest’s top industrial cleaning companies.

At American Industrial Services, we are committed to providing a top-quality experience, safely, on each project.

We offer a broad line of industrial cleaning services using an array of specialized equipment and technology. Our personnel are highly trained to solve any the unique challenges your plant requires.

We are committed to providing the highest quality industrial cleaning services in the safest manner possible. We are continuously evolving our capabilities to include a list of ever-growing technologies to customize our clients projects as efficiently and possible.

Our experienced personnel allow us to access areas other companies often have a tough time reaching. Our services are delivered incredibly quickly to keep plant operators out of harm’s way and limit downtime.

Our experience means you are in good hands.